Somaliland Republic Ministry of Information and Communication Technology approached Sierre leone Government and presented a desired collaboration!!!

The Somaliland ICT, especially the Minister of that Ministry Mr Abdiweli Soufi Jibril contacted his counterpart Sierre Leone government for implementation of Technology Hub here in Somaliland Republic for digital identity completely free from Somalia.

The Minister Jibril who intends to shape potential Avenue of big plan and investment between Sierre Leone and Somaliland Republic contacted His counterpart of Sierre Leone Minister Mohamed Rahman Twaray on 29 January 2021.

The exploration and wishing of partnership between the two country has been kicked out by the Somaliland Minister of ICT recently.

That intent and profitable gain will be very useful and developed if the Minister pushes and puts concrete plans to exchange delegates that assess and establish some sort of initiative stages that both countries send to each other in the near future  to approve the preliminary stage of proposal.

I personally often embolden Somaliland Republic to have very knowledgeable Ministerial, managerial and other ratios to contact outside World to connect this unrecognised Nation to the World.

But their capacities and efforts not still the level of bombarding the world for writings to introduce Somaliland Republic to the World.

That fine introductions lead very dear opportunities of investments and reconstruction of Somaliland Republic infrastructures quite speedily.

That neglected opportunities puts Somaliland Republic in hobbling situation and real setbacks right now.

When I realised the brilliant channel of communications conducted by Minister Jibril, it encourages my personal ambition and effective plans of Somaliland politicians contacting to the outside World. In order to cooperate and befriend the globe socially, economically and politically in my mind every seconds.

Somaliland Republic is an orphan that goes nowhere and have no access for the chances of setting up excellent developments here in Somaliland Republic.

Minister Jibril should go Sierre Leone to make real case studies and discussions to invite the Sierre Leone Minister here in Somaliland Republic that could really makes huge development and collaborative relations, pertaining to this specific Information Communication and Technology Strategy in the near future.

Being a Minister or governmental staff does not mean to drive very nice car and build very tall or beautiful House. No, Somaliland Republic must have characteristics of funding such developments.







All above mentioned need to be progressed and improved quite strongly rather than having nice cars and beautiful Houses- that majority of the people dream in the first place.

As much as you invest as much as Somaliland Republic gains and develops like advanced countries; that worked day and night to be here now.

The attempt and positive trial of Minister Abdiweli Soufi Jibril was highly appreciated and seemed very constructive and amazing introduction of Somaliland Republic to the continent and the World as well.

I always believe that such continuous efforts set up eternal developments and cooperation to the World that wins that minds and hearts of the World.

Peace and stability Somaliland boast and brag is not enough- the society needs very sufficient livelihood and free mechanism of infrastructures quite smoothly.

Our important Ministers like fishing, Agriculture, livestock, Energy or minerals could have the capability of putting Somaliland Republic into the fast lane for this period of three decades.

But actually the blind men can not lead our society or Ministries, it is hopelessness and ignorance to not connect this Nation to the World.

More plant or sow, more you harvest later on. But Somaliland Republic seems to be in cage that any Minister to care about nice car and beautiful House- which unlawful money embezzled from pregnant women that die in birth time without sufficient health facilities.

It is not you money, it is people’s  Money and they never forgive you until going to the grave unsuccessfully and get accountable your corruption.

It is much better to invest the country and make tremendous changes in short period of time.

Somaliland Republic goes nowhere, until things operate in such arrogance with ignorance that makes Somaliland Republic impasse of losing attention from International Community now.

Thank you Mr Minister, I know your fascinating efforts and previous thoughts to push Somaliland Republic forwards. But you alone never builds the better future of this fragile Nation.

When you are appointed, you have to straight away fix on your eyes your destination and always evaluate your contribution continuously, eating and sleeping only shows big Belly and big buttocks.

It is quiet relaxations that puts you on weight and makes you the meat of Ram. It is very disgusting and embarrassed to be such shameful shape- it shows your personality and lack of thinking.

Thinking and working hard makes man a bag of Skeleton indeed.

Minister Jibril initiates my burning ambition and I congregate him very much much for his 21/01/2021 to the Sierre Leone Minister of ITC recently.

We are are not respectfully contribute Somaliland Republic with enormous Belly and Buttocks- but working and thinking repeatedly must make you skinny and slim.

If I were the President of Somaliland Republic, I would have called in my office anybody fattens Bull or Ram and straight away sack.

Because hard worker truly never remembers to eat-because he is very busy to serve the Nation.

When you are such fattened stage- it denotes that you eat at least ten time or more- therefore the Nation can not resist the attack of your bloody hell Belly.

Sorry for my language, but it is very important to address such eat eat culture and becoming fatter and fatter. While our fellow citizens die for hunger, not even able to eat one time a day or couple of days.


Minister Jibril l etter to Sierre Leone was outstanding and creative to make Somaliland Republic improved and stronger, all Ministers are being being watched on daily basis to curse or supplicate for the reason of their national services impact.

Abdilahi Hassan

Goodwill Ambassador of Somaliland Republic.

#Hayaannews, Office

Hargeysa, Somaliland