Somaliland: US Rep Adam Smith and President Bihi Discuss Counterterrorism Cooperation

Washington(Hayaannews): : The US counterterrorism efforts around the globe has received a big boost following agreement with Somaliland.

This came as a result of discussions between the President of Somaliland Muse Bihi and chairman of the US House Armed Services Committee Representative Adam Smith.

According to a tweet via his official twitter handle @musebihii the President informed that issues discussed and agreed upon Include security and counterterrorism cooperation  between the two countries.

Now in his 13th term , Adam Smith  serves Chairman, Armed Services Committee, U.S. House of Representatives; U.S. Representative from Washington (D)

Prior to his meet with Rep Smith the Somaliland head of State who is the US on a ten days visit had  similar discussions exploring similar security cooperation  avenuesavenues Including wildlife protection with Senator Chris Van Hollen at the Capitol Hill in Washington DC