Press Release by UK Somaliland Alliance

Peace Rally to Halt Violence and Loss of Lives in What Has Been One of The Most Peaceful Countries in Africa.
Somaliland – not to be confused with its neighbor Somalia – won its freedom from dictatorship more than 30 years ago.
It has created a stable democracy with a developing economy, despite not being recognised as an independent, self-governing state.
But in recent weeks the city of Laascaanood in the Sool region of Somaliland has been attacked by external forces including terrorists and extremists.
On Saturday March 18 between 12 noon and 3pm a rally for peace will be held at Richmond Terrace, opposite Downing Street in Westminster.
The rally, organised by the UK Somaliland Alliance, will highlight the aggression in Laascaanood in which lives have been lost and property destroyed, with many injured and others displaced.
Ms Ayaan Gulaid said: “The main objectives of this peace rally are to share with the brothers and sisters of Laascaanood how sad the UK Somaliland community is about the loss of lives and destruction of property caused by the planned attacks of terrorists and extremists.
“We support the unconditional ceasefire announced by the Somaliland Government to ensure that talks are held in Oog between all the other Somaliland Garaads, Sultans and Elders peace delegation and the Garaads, Sultans, and Elders of Laascaanood and the Sool region of Somaliland.”
The UK Somaliland community is aware of how the Somaliland Government is committed to restoring order and returning the region to its previous state of stability and we strongly urge the UK Government
· to support these efforts and assist in finding peaceful win-win solutions to the crisis affecting the civilian population of the Sool Region
· to work with Somaliland to eliminate terrorism and illegal incursions into Somaliland’s territories and to support efforts to restore peace and security in the region.
We remain committed to standing in solidarity with our fellow Somalilanders to ensure a peaceful and stable future for our beloved homeland.
Contact number:07949051727
Background Note
The Republic of Somaliland is a former British Protectorate. It is estimated that more than 100,000 Somalilanders live in Britain.
The Republic of Somaliland gained its independence on 26th June 1960 from Britain but 5 days later voluntarily united with the Italian Trusteeship of Somalia to form The Somali Republic on 1st July 1960. The unification was merely fueled by the euphoria of the decolonisation wave in the region, and it soon proved to be unsustainable. The Somali Republic was born with fundamental problems because of the unfair unification, as Somalia swallowed and marginalised Somaliland socially, economically, and politically.
Somaliland withdrew from the union on 18th May 1991, after a long and costly political and armed struggle. Somaliland people have chosen their destination and they are not for turning at any cost.
The message from Late Queen Elizabeth II on Somaliland Freedom and Independence which was delivered in Hargeisa, the capital city of Somaliland on 26th June 1960 was:
“The connection between our people goes back some 130 years and the British administration of the Protectorate for 60 years. I look forward to a continuing and enduring friendship between our countries.”
The Secretary of State for Colonies, Mr. Lennox-Boyd, made a political statement on 9th February 1959 in Hargeisa stating: “Whatever the eventual destiny of the protectorate, Her Majesty’s Government will continue to take interest in the welfare of its inhabitants.”
This policy statement says it all and the Somaliland people hope that His Majesty’s Government with conviction will honor its pledge and will be the first government to give Somaliland the long-overdue recognition and lead the international community to do the same.