A Nation In A Coma by Yusuf Deyr, Canada

In the Morning when I wake up with a broken heart desperate for help. Trying to stand up with my tiny feeble legs. Dragging my feet like a lame deer. My knees and elbows are aching due to Arthritis.  So that I could barely pick up my feet when walking.  The icy tingling in my fingers and toes are very irritating.

Finally pushing hard myself towards my cracking mirror which is as old as my wisdom tooth.  Where I could see my aging face folded with wrinkles and deep scars.  A V – Shaped bald surrounded by African stiff hair standing like nails.  A bushy grey beard and moustache that is unfamiliar to a comb for months.

Depressed eyes located in deep sockets encircled by dark skin layers which is a sign of stress and depression.  Two spongy smashed cheeks decorated with stained teeth that can’t chew more than corn – flakes.  A harsh voice passing through my dry dusty lips.  Coughing and sneezing at intervals. Starring back at my deep sunk wooden – bed that is covered with a dirty bed – sheet and a ragged blanket full of dust.  Glancing at my smoky roof dripping drops of dirty rain water.  Above that. I noticed that I am dropping things like keys and coins.

Pens flew from my fingers due to parkinson’s disease.  Plus the growing anger as a result of the political hiccups of the contradicting dim views of Mr.Silanyo.  Sometimes I almost to faint for hearing too much disturbing voices, whenever Mr.Silanyo opens his mouth, or shakes a leg.

Due to many late nights of sleeping, I am now paying that heavy price of poor health and degrading low spirit.  Hence I give up my life dream and motivation.  Then by coincidence, my ten years old son, Deriyeh, comes running around.  Looking at me with very sympathetic eyes asking, “ daddy why you are morally down and sitting idle with a gloomy face? “ I hesitated answering him with murmuring words of discontent.  Then he hugged me and said, “ daddy don’t leave me alone in this wild World that steals the gold teeth from the dead body.” His impressive touching remarks boosted my dead spirit and I reshuffled my old cards again.  Driving again my several times wrecked ship.  Both hands on the wheel and my eyes on the horizon.  Cursing my first day I hit my head on the earth planet.  That is the preface of my thrilling story; and now I have to break the ice of the political hiccups of Mr.Silanyo who is just the only cleanest dirty shirt around.  Dictating our destiny with his dirty hands that are smeathered with a cold blood.

Yesterday was a painful memory, today is dark, and there is no a promising tomorrow.  I don’t know who is me yet; I have to discover myself again. A hole needs filling in my wisdom tooth.  As time is a file that wears and makes no noise.  Hope ties us to the future as memory ties us to the past.

Mr.Silanyo, your dark past is playing tricks on your mind.  That is why our ears are full of wax; and every word from your mouth is tickling our throat.  Because your tools are working in other people’s garden.  He that teaches patience, never knew the pain.  Alas! Mr.Silanyo has forgotten that yesterday he was one of us.  We are as old as we feel, and as young as we look.  Mr.Silanyo, if your head has many faces. Your brain acts as if your ideas are going down a constricted pipe – line, going through a dark tunnel.  Turn your face towards the sun, so the people can see your true colors.  Never try to give us the fat with the lean.  It won’t work with us.  Because every one of us knows where his shoes pinches.  Lecture is the art of transferring information from the notes of the lecturer to the notes of the students, without passing through the minds of either.  A rebellion to a freedom fighter, is disobedience to God.  Whom the God would destroy; they hate the noble men and they love the snooty.  If you do what you should not; you must hear what you would not.  Actions, words, and looks are the steps from the Alphabet in which you spell the character of a person.  Mr.Silanyo, it is better to limp on the right road, than to speed up on the wrong road.  A poet can survive everything, but misprint.  It is a breach against the Human Rights Act to impose your ill views on unwilling listeners.  Mr.Silanyo, your illegal clandestine marriage will break into pieces, soon or later.

When you hear us singing.  It is not a sign of satisfaction.  But music is a poor man’s spasm, used as an Anti – Pain.  Tribalism and ignorance to our demands is a missionary tradition into the fabric of your veins and a stream in your blood.

But we are fully alert, and you can’t sell our cause to any Co – Operation.  That is a feeling of shame in size as well as in quality.  Because a man is not poor if at all he can smile.  Even though we are a hog – tied nation by the Mother – In – Law from hell ( Tribalism ) which we already prepared  it’s coffin, but always survives all flood and fire.

By now we are ready to adopt the philosophy of the German Uprising founded by Rosa Luxemburg in 1916.  Acting as the ancient Spartans of Greece and the spartacist of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl in 1817 – 1919.  To prove  our unbinding will – power, rigorous discipline, courage, endurance, and stern frugality.  As Greatness comes with the recognition that your potential is limited, only by how you choose your destiny, how you use your freedom, and how persistent and resolute you are.  In short, it is your attitude. Mr.Silanyo is nominating a young green man who born and bred in Baidaba, as the Foreign Minister of Somaliland steering the wheel of our destiny.  How on earth we can believe that a young green man who has no a clue of our past and present; is capable of defending and selling our cause to the International Community?   Always a mission of one man delegation of our own Tariq Aziz.  A messenger from some where to some where else.  Young Doctor, thank you, already Mr.Silanyo has told us that you can make the trees pregnant.  Mr.Silanyo, tell your boggy dead project to the camel – drivers.  Above that, the previous prime minister of Somalia Mr.Mohamed Abdillahi ( Siffer ) has been assigned as our Ambassador at Nairobi, to seal the classified secrets of wrong doing, tight.  More disgustingly, the black sheep of Somaliland who has the bad reputation as the chief architecture of the civill – war in Somaliland, and a staunch federalist, Mr.Jama Abdillahi Galib is a frequent visitor of the oval – office of Mr.Silanyo nightly.  Travelling frequently from hargeisa to Mogadishu, and to Nairobi on a daily bases.  Mr.Silanyo, turn your face towards the sun shine, so the people can see your true colors.  Human blood is always red, but your’s has many colors.  Mr.Jama every failure teaches a man something if he is willing to learn.  You are neither a good Muslin nor a healthy Christian.  We have no a room for you in Somaliland.  You are one of those dumb politicians that is expecting honey and milk from the Western World.  Mr.Shariff will get the golden spoon and Mr.Silanyo will receive a dish of dessert.

Today the political climate of Somaliland is so toxic, as our Government is the enemy of it’s own self. Creating friction among family and friends, dismanteling and disintegrating all Government institutions, and opposition parties.  Each Faction fighting for their ethnic tribal rights. As the Government of Somaliland is creating an atmosphere of confusion and misunderstanding among the tribes.  Mr.Silanyo has made every effort to the expansion of his horrific atrocities. Incriminating and imprisoning innocent civilians to consolidate his tribally motivated policy. Jailing all who disagree with his lizard brain and phony dim views.  Unsustainable policy of No – Where.  Hyper critical of small faults while ignoring some major crimes committed by his Shintos,  close friends.  Cracking open our ossified State. The oasis of peace and stability crumbling under the weight of it’s decay – leaders.  A decay – leadership that seperates and cracks apart their people instead of gluing them together.  Dividing them into segments, clans, tribes and division – groups chaired by ignorant chiefs and sultans. Who are neither a bridge nor a gully to our cause.  In Silanyo era, a son became a parent to his dad.  Mr.Silanyo, you can build the most beautiful engine in the World, but if there is no fuel, it can not run.  If you let the tank run dry.  A political division that will be the down fall of what we cherished as an all inclusive democratic state. Without some effort to compromise for the good of all citizens; there is no way for our democracy to survive.  The Government must look at all tribes with the same lens.  Mr.Silanyo puts the cart before the horse.  A few underground mafia is running the country in an exuctive order  which is unconstitutional in our system of governing.  The Vice President of Somaliland expressed in his press – conference that he has no a clue of how the country is running.  The only assignment he is supposed to do is to hold the Scissor for the inauguration of a new Government facility, or to hand certificates, when students graduating from school.  He said openly that he is a passenger in a football team. Mr.Vice – president, thank you for telling us the truth.  All the Government Institutions are stagnant, malfunctioning and in a complete coma. #Hayaannews

Before September 11, I used to be a strong believer on the false slogans of the Western Countries.  Assuming that they are the cradle of peace and democracy, and an advocate of the Human Rights Act.  But since September 11, the War – Cry slogans proved to me that the Western World previous quotations, were falsely orchestrated remarks, and a typical crocodile – tears.  Anybody who is in doubt about my doctorine.  Have to make a quick look at some clips of facts and figures illustrated in the  the Documentary Films in the Google.Search.  For Example: 1 ) Top Documentary Films. 2) New World Order. 3) The Conspiracy. 4 ) The Tears of Gaza.  These figures and facts were prepared  by some American healthy Christians; not by some hostile group to the American people.  After you watch these documentary Films.  I am deadly sure that you will come to the conclusion that the white man is an evil.  That is why we see nowadays that the European Civilization and Culture is now in decline.  The Eastern Civilization are making a come back.  The United States will follow Europe’s down hill.  That is why at the present time, the famous butterfly to the rain forest produces a storm in the Oval – Office of Mr.Silanyo.  That is why the Tartars from Mogadishu are waiting the miracle stick from the Western Countries to solve the Somali crisis. The golden spoon for Mr.Shariff and the dessert dish for Mr.Silanyo.  Pushing us  as Somalilanders to get united with sea – pirates, and bandits that represent nobody, but their wallet and stomach. Mr.Silanyo, the ultimatum of the Western Countries is already in your save.  Then, why you are wasting our meagre – revenue in airoplane tickets and hotel expenses. Do you believe that, fair in the cradle, foul in the saddle?

Finally, as a Somaliland political therapist, I came to the conclusion that most of our men politicians are that much dumb to sell our cause to the International Community.  While the Tartars from Mogadishu are selling to the International  Community, a trash, as a gold.  Personally I prefer all heads of state and politicians to be all women, rather than men.  As a group, men are not as evolved as women.  They are less flexible, quicker to react rather than respond.  It is sad but true.  We, as Somalilanders, all our men politicians get stuck in the same elevator. They couldn’t relay our message to the International Community.

Mr.Silanyo, what pains us trains us.

Thank you for being a head with two faces.

But remember, birds are coming home to roost.


Yusuf Deyr,


#Hayaannews, Office

Hargeisa, Somaliland