A runaway Success – The Story Of An Ethiopian Who Won First Athletics Gold Of Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Tokyo(Hayaannews):”All my life, I’ve been running. Where I come from, a rural farm in southern Ethiopia, that’s just the way of life. Need to get water for your family? You run. Buy some things at the local market? Run. Get to school, no matter how far away it is? Grab your books and run.”

This is how Selemon Barega, an Ethiopian runner just a few days shy of his 19th birthday, had summed up his life two years ago while writing for the World Athletics’ Spikes Magazine.

“I come from a family of eight and we all ran throughout our childhood, even if I was the first to be a competitor. My school was about 50-60 minutes from my home, depending on how fast I moved. Twice a day I’d walk or run that, ever since the age of seven,” he had mentioned then

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