Somaliland Reaffirms Resolve To Effectuate Sea Access Deal

Xildhibaan Mohamed Xuseen Jaamac-Hayaannews

ADDIS ABABA(Hayaannews):- Somaliland is not just dedicated but unwavering in its commitment to implement the sea access deal it entered with Ethiopia recently, reiterated Mohamed Hussien Jama Rambo, member of Somaliland house of parliament.

In exclusive interview with The Ethiopian Herald, the MP slammed external intervention while vowing that Hargeisa will not bow down to any pressures.

“We are accustomed to pressures from entities that do not appreciate our development. Yet, we resist these pressures, demonstrating our resilience. We honor agreements. Somaliland will not bow down to any pressure.”

Commenting on the statements of some entities like the Arab League, he said that the agreement between Somaliland and Ethiopia does not concern the Arab League, and they should not waste their time on such issues.

Xildhibaan Mohamed Xuseen Jaamac (RAMBO)-Hayaannews

Previously, Somalia objected Somaliland’s deals with DP World and the U.S., but the objection did not work. It did not impact how these deals were implemented, he added.

Speaking of the reaction of Somaliland public, he said that Somaliland people are happy with the agreement. They welcomed it and expressed joy. Somalilanders are ready for business and are committed to engaging with their neighbors closely to ensure integration. That is enshrined in the constitution.