I am a Woman!

I am a woman. I was born into a chaotic world, and as I grew up, I became vulnerable, but I was also surrounded by loving ones and protected by them. As a teenager, I saw the world in all its harshness and complexity for the first time. Now that I’m an adult, I always have a lot of weight and duty on my shoulders. I look out for both myself and the people closest to me. I put much effort into achieving my goals. Because I live in a world dominated by men, even the simple act of dreaming can sometimes be challenging as a woman. I am constantly being judged on how I should conduct myself. I live in a culture where it is normal for women only to be expected to perform specific roles, and find it strange when they perform other functions. My life constantly struggles between trying to fit in and carrying the burden of my hopes, aspirations, and visions. Some days are complicated, and I had to drop some of the weight to make my life easier. I sometimes make choices to survive.

I am a woman. Each month brings me new hormonal fluctuations and a new set of imbalances. It’s a strain on every single one of my body parts. Each year comes with surprises. My head is full of memories and past experiences. My heart is full of emotions. My hands hurt from doing house chores. My feet took me to places. My hips carried me where I needed to go. My back put up a fight and refused to give in. My mind went through a lot. My shoulders carried burdens. My hands are burnt. My knees are weak. My soul has been neglected. My hair has fallen multiple times. My eyes shed tears. My liver is filled with disappointments, and the fine lines on my face tell a story.

I am a woman. I walk through the fire of life. Sometimes I just get mentally drained; then, I look for strength to go through the day. Despite the challenges and difficulties of being a woman, I find solace in the little things that bring me joy and keep me going. I find happiness in caring for my loved ones, cooking, feeding, and being there for them. I find pleasure in protecting kids and little ones. Children’s smile flames my heart. Parent’s prayers give me faith and hope. These moments of happiness give me the strength to persevere through the tough times and keep walking through the fire of life.

I am a woman. I am a survivor. I am a work in progress. I am a vision come to life. I am a loving daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, an aunt, and a grandmother. I produce. I care. I nourish. I spread kindness. I change lives. I protect. I do not only exist; I live to the fullest.

I am a woman!

Happy Women’s Month

@Photo by Abdishukri Haybe, Dhobley