We will pay a common sacrifice to ensure our existence, but we will never allow ourselves to die in the hands of the enemy – Mr. Gizachew Muluneh
November 4, 2021 - Written by admin

Addis Ababa, (Hayaannews) we will make a common sacrifice to ensure our existence, but we will never allow ourselves to die in the hands of the enemy, said Mr. Gizachew Muluneh, the head of the Amhara region government communication office.

Mr. Gizachew has posted a message on his social media page regarding current issues.

Your message will be presented as follows:-

The aim and goal of the Tigray invading force which is the biggest enemy of the Amhara people and the enemy of Ethiopia is not hidden for anyone. The origin is based on destroying Amhara as a people and dividing Ethiopia as a country and the people of Ethiopia as a people. This is what we are seeing and happening in action but what is happening yesterday and what is happening in the future. It’s not.

For this reason, the invasion, robbery, genocide and destruction of property is more than evidence. From this point on, the survival campaign we started is not a place where we can live and practice our death, but we decide to die and defeat the enemy and renew our history.

When the invading force from Tigray was in power, the atrocities committed against the Amhara people in secret and conspiracies will never end. This group has been pushed away from power by the people’s struggle and thrown away to Mekele, the mass murder of the Amhara people has committed a mass murder in different parts of the country.

He has committed a terrible inhuman act that is shocking and difficult for the people of Amhara. In Maikadra, Agamsa, China, Kobo, Woldiya, Mersa, Lake, Dessie, Kombolcha, youth and women. In these areas, it is not only a mass genocide, but also a crime that can not be done on humanity. Here it is.

This enemy force has raped a girl who was raised by the feet of the Amhara land. In addition to gang raping a child, young and old man, he has massacred more than 20 youth in one room, wearing plastic, and burning gasoline. In this world, an animal that is not expected to be able to do on a human being, has cut its neck with a knife and cut its skin. This is a bitter truth that has been done on the people of Amhara in public and in action.

In addition to humanity, he has destroyed the resources that the Amhara people have used to be used by the mass robbery. He has shot/killed even the pets that are not fighting with clashes and sniper. He has massacred many innocent people.

He has destroyed all his life and material resources that he thought could be useful to the Amhara people in the areas that he was occupied by the invasions. He has harvested even the crops that he has arrived and sent to Tigray. He has destroyed the idea that he has not received the crops that he might be useful to tomorrow. Because of his hatred for Amhara, he has used his culture, religion, tradition and mentality that he has no more.

Therefore, the enemy that came together to destroy the people, we can fulfill the dreams and desires of the people. From now on, we will pay collective struggle and sacrifice to ensure our existence as a people and a country, but we will not give a door or chance to a terrorist group to live while dying. It can’t happen.

The Tigray invading force has not stopped the mass killing of the Amhara people yesterday or today.

Therefore, killing an invading enemy is the only choice. For this reason, the solution is one and only. Instead of living while dying, it is to win the race killer and death together as a people.

Instead of blaming yesterday, we have to unite and bury our enemies together. If we rise together, we have no doubt that we will bury the invading force in a short time. Victory is not achieved without struggle and sacrifice. Victory is achieved by bravery and determination. In the current situation the invader If a group can’t be buried together, the massacres that they have committed before will be worse tomorrow.

Therefore, as a people and as a country, our existence is on the grave of the Tigray invading forces, not only for political purposes, the stand that is raised by the enemy is based on destroying the Amhara people as a people and destroying Ethiopia. We will pay a shared sacrifice to ensure our existence, not to live in the hands of the enemy! Our only choice is to defeat the enemy and bury them together and make the resurrection of Amhara and Ethiopia a reality.


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