#DPA’s Call for Partnership for their Humanitarian response intervention in Somaliland

Hargeisa(Hayaannews): 4 representatives from the #Development_and_Protection_Association (#DPA), which is disability inclusive humanitarian and relief organization operating in Somaliland, have participated in local economic forum held in Baligubadle District, the capital city of Hawd region on 4th March 2021.

Disability inclusion technical advisor, Mr. Jama Awed, has addressed to the conference and made presentation on disability inclusion approach into the formation of local economic forum to include needs of PwDs into all plans of local municipality.

#DPA made promise for the economic forum to contribute great efforts and expertise to the capacity building initiatives of both forum and local municipality. Also, DPA requested from WFP and other humanitarian funding partners to contribute to the implementation of emergency humanitarian response project and COVID-19 prevention and response initiatives in Baligubadle and Faraweine Districts in Waqooyi galbeed region.

#DPA has already submitted one project proposal to WFP for funding for drought and locust affected vulnerable people in Baligubadle and Faraweine Districts. This project will be implemented in partnership with the ministry of Employment and Social affairs and regional governors of Baligubadle and Faraweine districts. Minimum 900 poor and vulnerable households are identified to benefit from #DPA services in 2021.

#Hayaannews, Office

Hargeisa, Somaliland